Ready for the Journey?

Most of my professional life has been in law and finance. In addition to working in the mortgage industry for 13 years, I practiced business and corporate law for 16 years, founded two companies and was a partner in a private investment banking firm.

Our team at Fairway has long experience in the mortgage industry serving clients like yourselves. We understand you.

You demand expert professional services from your financial and real estate advisors.  You trust them to act in your best interests. You insist on having confidence in the professionals who serve you in all areas of your life.

And you should demand the same level of trust and service from your mortgage professional.

We can be a valuable part of your professional service team.  We bring the same high values and level of service to your mortgage-related matters that you demand from the professionals who serve you in other areas of your financial life.

Are you seeking a mortgage provider whose skills and experience are the best fit for your unique situation?   For example:

    • Is a significant part of your income from non-traditional sources such  as interest, dividends and distributions?
    • Are you a partner, LLC member or self-employed?
    • Do you want to restructure your current debt?
    • Are you buying a second  home or investment property?
    • Do you need a loan between $417,000 and $3,000,000?
    • Do you need to see a number of alternatives in order to select the mortgage that best fits your needs?
    • Are you doing residential construction or remodeling?

We work with you to draw out the answers to these questions, and we use our real world, market proven experience to determine what mortgage product will best serve you.

We created this mortgage program specifically for people like you:  people who are used to working with financial and professional advisors.  Like your other advisors, we help you identify your needs and goals before we suggest a solution or a product.

Our approach involves these essential elements:

  • Top tier service designed for those who are used to working with financial advisors and high-producing realtors.
  • A company-wide commitment to efficiency and meeting deadlines.
  • A loan team with extensive experience in the mortgage industry as well as in law and finance.
  • In-house underwriting in most cases–we control your file from start to finish.
  • A wide range of mortgage products that are competitive on both price and terms.
  • Regular progress reports to you and to your advisor during the loan process.
  • Accountability and access throughout the loan process.

You get the same level of service for your mortgage needs that you’ve come to expect from your other financial professionals.