Grandmother cared for my mother
and for my mother’s cousins, who were orphaned
and my mother took care of me
a nanny took care of my children
whose children now have, not children
but dogs
and doggy day care takes care of them.

Each generation has invested less
in that which follows. It makes sense
I guess.

Our attachment’s usually not the same
for dogs as it is for children.
with dogs there’s no hurt, no suffering
no struggle to love in spite of your brokenness
and that of the broken thing you struggle to love.

We’re not stuck for a lifetime
with that first dog; there will be others.
some more benefits—
no college tuition, no screaming matches,
no unanswered calls, no forgotten birthdays
so, why take the risk?

Wonder where this is going?
if we love our pets enough
will they eventually become the perfect children
we never, really, could have had?