Selected Poems by John DesCamp

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Still in the Orchestra

There’s not much left of the song
but I tilt my head and listen
greedy for what’s left

Free as a Bird

Sunset in San Miguel
a blind hummingbird vibrates urgently
against the rough plaster of my bedroom wall


Grandmother cared for my mother
and for my mother’s cousins, who were orphaned
and my mother took care of me

Sunday Morning #2

This Sunday morning’s made so fine
it makes me resent both
my mortality
and the deliberate speed of light.

This Caterpillar Life

One foot in each world?
I have them in a hundred worlds

Between the Bars

He can’t sign his name anymore
hands shake an up-tempo rhythm
like some damned digital drum kit
that you can’t find the switch to turn it off

Life on the Installment Plan

I have never owned my life
—it’s all on loan from the Universe anyway

Neptune’s Song

A raindrop on my window, then another
they touch and merge so easily

Post Breakup Writer’s Block

No words
no combinations of words
no ideas—no thoughts at all